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Figure sub-collections

Post by The Eternal Dalek on Fri 9 May 2014 - 16:45

Obviously not everyone is going to want the whole collection, so I have prepared this section (which will be updated on every release) showing the "groups" of figures that are available at the moment.


The First Doctor (56)
The Second Doctor (76)
The Third Doctor (47)
The Fourth Doctor (17)
The Fifth Doctor (34)
The Sixth Doctor (65)
The Seventh Doctor (51)
The Eighth Doctor (60)
The War Doctor (24)
The Ninth Doctor (27)
The Tenth Doctor (8 )
The Eleventh Doctor (1)
The Twelfth Doctor (40)


Cyberman (The Tenth Planet) (44)
Cyberman (The Moonbase) (53)
Cyber Controller (The Tomb of the Cybermen) (91)
Cyberman (The Wheel in Space) (80)
Cyberman (The Invasion) (21)
Cyber Leader (Revenge of the Cybermen) (63)
Cyber Leader (Earthshock) (32)
Cyber Controller (Attack of the Cybermen) (97)
Cyber Leader (Silver Nemesis) (94)
Cyber Controller (The Age of Steel) (3)
Cyber King (The Next Doctor) (S3)
Cyberman (Nightmare in Silver) (14)
Wooden Cyberman (The Time of the Doctor) (72)

The Master
Roger Delgado (100)
Peter Pratt (49)
John Simm (89)

Silurian (Doctor Who and the Silurians) (69)
Sea Devil (The Sea Devils (30)
Silurian (Cold Blood) (5)
Madame Vastra (A Good Man Goes to War) (33)

Linx (86)
General Staal (7)

Obviously these will get longer and more groups will be added as more figures are released.

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