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Who I would've cast as the 13th Doctor...

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Who I would've cast as the 13th Doctor...

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Fri 24 Aug 2018 - 9:49

So I've made it clear several times that I'm still sceptical over this whole female Doctor and the 'true' reasons behind it. The BBC Controller's latest comment would seem to suggest that I've been right in what I was saying all along.

Many people have asked me who I personally would've cast as the 13th Doctor if i had the choice. I've given the same answer every time, and It's likely going to surprise you.

I would have cast: Tom Baker.

Now, hear me out. There are good reasons for this both in-universe and real-world. We already know from Day of the Doctor that at some point, the Doctor is going to revisit some of his "old favourites". It has been made evident by Tom Baker's cameo in the story that at some point the Doctor will regenerate into that face once again. But when exactly?

Well, given Tom Baker's age, it is likely that he is going to retire soon - Or even more tragically, he could depart from this life altogether. If either scenario happens, we won't ever have the chance to see him in his 'Curator' incarnation ever again. So perhaps now would have been the right time to cast Tom Baker, and any other of the "old favourites", while he still has the opportunity to return to the role - Then, bring on newer and younger actors afterwards. 

What could possibly be a better swansong for Baker other than returning to his biggest acting role? It would be excellent for both fans and the actor alike to have Tom in the role one last time, before moving on to brand new actors as well as this whole female Doctor thing. 

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