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The Mondasian Cybermen - Changes explained

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The Mondasian Cybermen - Changes explained

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Sat 10 Feb 2018 - 18:40

So I'm completely astounded by how much debate this has caused: The appearance of the Mondasian Cybermen back in the 60s, and the more recent ones in Series 10. I have seen people using rather degrading terms against each other because they can't settle for the same explanation. Well, here I have what is the most logical in-universe explanation. 

Now firstly, the Tenth Planet recreations made for TUAT were removed, and for some reason this annoyed people. Why? When recreating a scene over 50 years old, you have to have the respect to make it accurate. The problem with these recreations was that the Cybermen design differed from the 60s versions too much, and they used their headlamps as weapons rather than their chest unit as in the story. So without these recreations, the original 60s designs will always be the ones in the event of the Tenth Planet.

Secondly, the latest design is NOT a redesign of the original version (Sure, in regards to production it is, but within the show's canon it isn't). Here's the explanation: The 60s Cybermen were built on Mondas, and the S10 Cybermen were built on the Colony Ship. Simply put, that is why they aren't identical. They were being designed in different places by different Cybermen.
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