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Fan Adventures and Fan Fiction

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Thu 7 Sep 2017 - 16:25

Welcome to the Fan Fiction section! Here you can post all your own stories about the Whoniverse, anything you want! Recreations, alternate timelines, new series, it's up to you. And anyone can create a new topic here!

Tips for writing a FanFiction:
-Plan and Proofread - Always plan out what your going to write rather than just write spontaneously. Also proofread your story once it's done to avoid grammar errors, this makes it easier for people to read as they're not having to try and piece together a sentence with syntax errors in it.
-Have a clear head - To write your stories to maximum quality, it's better to write them at a time when you're not extremely stressed out or when there's something else you have to do. Stories are more of a past time, and you should make sure your writing doesn't intrude on other things you have to do. 
-(If writing a series) Plan out your releases - Make sure you have planned your releases. This doesn't mean writing all of them in one go, this means writing a synopsis, planning out what characters are going to be in it etc. 
-Plotholes - Obviously it's difficult to realise when you have created a plothole, however if you do realise, you should fix your story before releasing it as not to confuse the reader. However, if you do not notice your plothole, then a reader most likely will. In this case, do NOT go back and edit your story as this means readers will be reading different things.
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