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What are TITANS?

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What are TITANS?

Post by LastOfTheSonics on Thu 2 Jun 2016 - 9:12

Many fans of Doctor Who do not know what TITANS are. Most people will ask 'Are they POP Vinyls?', other people will ask 'Are they time squad?'

I'll admit, they all do seem very similar, however this is an introduction of TITANS for people who don't know what they may be.

TITANS are manufactured by a company of the same name. They don't just make this vinyl figures, they also make comics and maxi busts. The vinyl figures are designed so that the head is oversized and larger than the body. There are many collections such as Alien vs Predator, The Beetles, Scooby-doo and many more famous icons.

The Doctor Who TITANS started out with the 11th Doctor Series.

In each TITANS wave, there are 4-5 'chase' figures which are either specially designed figures or enhanced normal ones. For example, the damaged cyberman in this wave was one of the chase figures. After this, TITAN released many more series as well as larger scaled figures such as 6.5" paradigm daleks, doctors and weeping angel:

TITANS have even covered the statue of liberty from 7x05!

The Doctor Who collection even has its own comic-con, fan-expo and hot topic exclusives!

So as you can see, TITANS are very different to POP Vinyls and Time squad figures. For those interested, here are the other series they have released (From left to right - 50th Anniversary, 10th Doctor, Gallifrey, Regeneration, Geronimo, Rebel Time Lord, Fantastic, The Good Man):

It's amazing how much the company covers. So I hope this has shown you what TITANS are, and why they are not POP Vinyl or time squad figures!
(All images courtesy of the Doctor Who Site)
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Re: What are TITANS?

Post by Admin-Emperor Dalek on Fri 8 Jul 2016 - 8:41

I think they are cute and well made, I just don't have room...maybe I might just get the Doctors.
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